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Posted by on Jul 6, 2017 in Live Chat Support Service | 0 comments

Why Your Firm should have Live Chat Support

According to one Business News Daily staff writer, “Live chats provide fast, on-demand customer support right on your website, giving you an opportunity to immediately address customer concerns, answer questions and even close sales before customers click away. In addition to speeding up customer support, live chat systems let you monitor visitor behavior to provide personalized service, convert browsers into paying customers and improve your website to increase sales.” (

Live chat is basically an instant messenger. It allows customers or clients to get quick and accurate answers regarding your products or services and their concerns. In this era, if you want your business to succeed and be considered seriously, then offering a customer service channel or live chat is important.

Whether you are a business firm that sells products or provides services, live chat allows you to build rapport with your visitors. It also offers a host of other advantages and benefits to both your business and clients or potential clients. Among the long list of advantages and benefits are the following:

  • Live chat offers convenience for clients right from your website. They do not have to leave your website to look for a phone or go to their email page. This convenience is what will enable you to build a strong relationships with your customers, as availability of assistance and the speed at which this assistance is delivered are the two most common reasons that people cite when asked about what makes them prefer one firm over another.
  • While live chat may be critical for answering customer issues, as a single wrong answer can damage your company’s image, it can also be effective for businesses looking to provide advice to clients who need services and why your service is a match to their needs and interests. With this, your business will more likely be able to address their concerns and, therefore, impact their confidence by staying with your firm.
  • Based on research, clients who use live chat platforms are three times more likely to avail of services. All they need is to be convinced that your firm is the right choice and feel confident that the services your firm provides is just what they need.

Lasso Live Chat is one example of a firm that offers live chat services. It is a 24/7 staffed live chat service that works primarily with cosmetic medical practices, legal services and other types of service firms. Its goal is to convert the visitors from your website into new patients or clients for your practice. In its website, this firms points out how important it is to attend to people’s needs immediately so that they will feel that their needs are met and their concerns are heard without delay or time-consuming protocols.

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