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Posted by on Sep 18, 2017 in Storage | 0 comments

Some of the Coolest Things Found in Abandoned Storage Units

For many people storage units are an extra closet, a seasonal decoration staging ground, or even a garage. However, sometimes storage units become time capsules. Abandoned Storage Units are more common than people think and their contents can be as varied as can be. Many people have seen shows like Storage Wars where people participate in fierce bidding competitions over these potential treasure troves. Here’s a list compiled of all the coolest and strangest things that have surfaced from auctioned off storage units.

  • NASA Equipment: As seen on the show, Auction Hunters on Spike TV, a bidder walked away from a buy with a NASA clock and rocket. Both items were valued at over $1,500 which may not seem like a lot for space-age technology, but they probably have more sentimental value than anything.
  • An amputated Human Leg: This is one of the more weird things found and has a surprising tame story behind it. Apparently, the original leg’s owner lost it in a plane crash in 2004 and was keeping it in a meat smoker so that upon his death he could be buried with his leg. In the end, the buyer returned the leg to the owner who fell behind on their payments.
  • A James Bond Submarine Vehicle: Originally seen in the classic, The Spy Who Loved Me, this car was found in a Long Island storage unit bought for less than $100. The funny thing is that the buyer had never seen the movie and just thought it was a cool car until a random person told him it’s worth. In 2013 the car was sold to SpaceX founder, Elon Musk for about a million dollars.
  • Aretha Franklin’s Clothes: The award-winning R&B and Jazz singer Aretha Franklin said that all of the things in her unit were clothes she didn’t want anymore. In fact, she was present at the auction just to see what kind of clothing she had left in her unit. Most of the outfits were things from past stage appearances she had with Rod Stewart, Dustin Hoffman, and the Blues Brothers.

Storage Unit auctions only occur whenever a storage unit hasn’t been paid on for many months. This is to allow ample time for the owner to reclaim their goods before the storage unit needs its space back. It goes to show how secure these facilities can be if treasures like these can go hidden for so long only to return years later to fetch high dollar amounts.

Whatever you are using a storage unit for nothing can be as far-fetched as some of these finds. Storage auctions are a fun way to bring some long lost artifacts back into society. They are like modern day randomized treasure hunts because you never know what somebody wants to store.

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