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Posted by on Feb 6, 2015 in Domestic Violence | 0 comments

Spousal Abuse

An often overlooked and denied form of abuse is spousal abuse. Commonly known as domestic abuse, this is an act where one person in a married or intimate relationship attempts to control and monopolize the other partner. It can be through physical, although the effects are often on the psychological level. Domestic violence involves abuse primarily concerned with physical abuse. This type of abuse is very dangerous as it can lead to serious injuries and even death. The website of Marshall & Taylor PLLC says that domestic violence does not discriminate from genders, age, types of relationships, economic level, and ethnic backgrounds. The main point to remember is that any type of abusive behavior should never be acceptable.

The best option when in an abusive relationship is to end the relationship. Divorce is one of the ways to protect you and your children from an abusive partner. The key in preventing the escalation of the domestic abuse or domestic violence is recognizing the signs of the abuse. Extreme feelings of fear are a strong signifier of an abusive and unhealthy relationship that should be put to an end. Getting out of an abusive relationship can be difficult because of the fear that the other person might cause harm or injury; divorce can even endanger the lives of the victims because it can further aggravate the abuser. Because domestic abusers are manipulative and controlling of their partners, it is important to immediately find people who can help protect your rights and ensure the safety of your family. Talking with domestic violence organizations and consulting with a lawyer who specializes in family law could provide you with a safety plan on dealing with leaving an abusive partner. Whatever the action plan is, it is vital to find some support.

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