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Posted by on Nov 2, 2014 in Dog Bites | 0 comments

Understanding Why Dogs Bite

About 800,000 cases of dog bites are recorded by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention every year, with half of the cases involving children, boys especially. Though the highest number of victims involves boys aged between five and nine years old, the ones suffering the most severe injuries, trauma or, in certain cases, death, are those below the age of four, who are usually bitten on the head or neck area.

Despite domestication, dogs sometimes become aggressive or feel threatened, resorting to biting the aggressor in order to defend itself, its territory, its puppies or its owner. At other times the dog may be protecting its water dish or food, has been startled or frightened by certain acts, such as (suddenly) a tight hug or accidentally stepping on any of its body part, or pulling its ears or tail. There are also instances when child and dog are engaged in rough play and, with the dog not having been taught bite inhibition, ends up biting its playmate.

There is no telling what kind of injury a person, who gets bitten by a dog, may suffer from. While some injuries can be nothing more than minor scratches, others can be severe, even enough to put the victim’s life at risk. The Sampson Law Firm, which is familiar with dog bite accidents, enumerates in its website the possible injuries a person may suffer from when bitten by a dog. This list of injuries includes viral infection (like rabies), disfigurement, bacterial infection, a broken bone, severe contusion, hemorrhaging, and severe lacerations.

Understanding very well a dog’s behavior and its ways of reacting to certain situations can help minimize dog bites significantly. Putting a dog on a leash will definitely help too. Besides these, dogs experts advice those who intend to keep a dog inside the house to refrain from getting dog breeds that have been identified as being hostile even to their owners (two of these breed are the Pit Bull and the Rottweiler).

In any event, being represented by a highly-competent lawyer, especially by a Houston personal injury lawyer, will benefit a dog bite victim greatly. Thus it is important that a victim immediately contact a lawyer for the legal action he/she has the right to pursue.

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