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Posted by on Oct 24, 2014 in Cruise Ship Accidents | 0 comments

The Many Different Causes of Cruise Ship Accidents

The improvements in the cruise ship industry over the last two decades have simply been so impressive that the dramatic increase in the yearly number of passengers (many of whom make reservations as early as six months before the scheduled voyage) can only be expected.

Today’s cruise ships can accommodate as many as 4000 people on each travel (the biggest even has more than enough space for 6000 passengers and crew. The real cause of so many thrills to passengers is not the ship’s size, though, but the facilities that make just being on it awesomely exciting. For besides the much improved rooms that provide great comfort and a stunning view of deep blue, these giant cruise lines are designed with:

  • Medical centers with registered doctors and nurses to ensure the health and well-being of everyone on board
  • Cinemas, casinos, bars, pubs and nightclubs
  • Basketball courts, gyms, a mini golf course, fitness centers, health spas, facilities for games of ping-pong and pool, indoor and outdoor swimming pools with water slides
  • Hair and beauty salons, buffet restaurants, a library, tax and duty free shops, and so many other perfect sources of individual and family relaxation and fun

More than 20 million passengers, with at least 11 million coming from the US, spend a cruise ship holiday every year. And, although passengers are guaranteed fun and excitement, there have been occasions when safety has become a major issue, especially when the ship runs into a storm, is hit by rogue waves, collides with another ship, gets damaged by fire, crashes into piers, or hits a rock that creates a wide gash on its side, causing it to capsize and sink.

In 2010 the Cruise Vessel Safety and Security Act or the Cruise Passenger Protection Act was passed. This law, as well as the “Safe Return to Port” regulation that is enforced by the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), is directed at keeping all passengers safe or attended to when hurt and returned safely to port, especially after an accident at sea.

Adding to the mentioned causes of accidents is shore excursion, which is now conducted in almost all ports of call. Shore excursions make a cruise experience still more exciting and adventurous, as it can include archeological, cultural, and tropical island tours, dining on land, shopping for souvenirs at local outdoor markets, horseback riding, hiking, rock-climbing, ziplining, snorkeling through coral reefs, scuba diving, parasailing, jet skiing, and so forth.

In the event of an accident, seeking compensation will not be easy due to the complexity of the maritime law, the question of liability, the statutory period and the specific location of the court where a lawsuit will have to be tried. Due to all these, being represented by cruise ship injury lawyers will definitely be in the best interest of the victim.

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