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Posted by on Aug 11, 2017 in Personal Injury | 0 comments

Can gyms literally cost you an arm or a leg, or worse?

Gyms are a wonderful resource for folks who are looking for a way to reach their fitness or weight goals. When people are blindly looking forward to workouts at their local gyms, they may not be thinking about the waivers they signed to protect the gym staff from liability in the event of strain or injury. Personal injury lawyer Rand Spear reaches out to these gym-goers in an article posted to the Justice News Flash discuss injuries and how to avoid them because accountability will fall to them.

Many people are simply looking to fit into their favorite jeans when the colder seasons hit, and everyone wants to feel good about their body year-round. It’s important to remember that overworking your body can lead to disastrous results, and patience and moderation are true virtues when the gym is involved. Intense workouts or excessive visits often lead to injury, and famous routines like CrossFit, Spinning, and P90X can even be life-threatening if a user is not up to the task. Dedicated gym buffs often experience dangerous diseases like rhabdomyolysis, which causes the body to retain water and the muscles to swell dangerously. In its late stages, kidney failure is common, forcing sufferers to go on dialysis or even experience death. It’s times like these that people will question the responsibility of the gym to prevent such disastrous injuries, but many waivers make this impossible.

CrossFit is one of many extreme workouts that has become popular recently, but the program is definitely not for people who are not already in the absolute best condition. Even the co-founder has stated that the program can kill participants. Gyms are required to have waivers for their participants to sign, but they’re often difficult to follow and poorly worded. Even in the event that a gym cannot be held responsible for your injury, what about the trainer that was working with you? What if the gym had a defective machine and they knew about it? Even in these situations, a waiver doesn’t mean much, as they cannot get away with negligence leading to injury, no matter how many documents you signed. In a world where healthy gym-goers are hospitalized after one Spinning class, personal injury attorneys exist to make sure your rights are protected. Spear believes that the best way to prevent such outcomes is to talk with a doctor before you work out. It’s a fairly cliche thing to say, but he believes it’s the best.

It should be common knowledge that you cannot go from a sedentary lifestyle right into intense workouts, but even healthy people are falling victim to negligent gyms, trainers, and misleading workout regimes. You can protect yourself from the gym and personal injuries by speaking with a doctor or a lawyer if you’ve already been injured during a workout.

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